Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse Review – Summer is Coming!

The Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse is an adorable mix of modern and cottage design elements. The stone facade and sweet little fireplace give this playhouse a rustic cottage feel while other charming features and extra special details, such as the stove and picnic table lend a more modern touch.


Playhouse Design Features

  • Several windows that are open to the outside, allowing for food to be prepared inside on the kitchenette by the resident chef and than passed out the window to a friend sitting on a bench at the picnic table.
  • Lots of cute touches on the inside of the playhouse, including a small kitchen and fireplace.
  • A mail slot and door bell.
  • Pretend food and other accessories such as pan, dishes and cutlery.

Outer Dimensions

  • Length – 73.25″
  • Width – 37″
  • Height – 47.5″

Interior Dimensions

  • Length – 43″
  • Width – 28.5″
  • Height at tallest point – 43″

What I love

  • As with most Little Tikes products, this playhouse is made from a sturdy, hard plastic material. It is solid, easy to clean and will likely last for many years of play.
  • Simple assembly. The directions are easy to follow and one person can actually put this playhouse together on their own.  Several reviews indicate that it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to assemble.
  • The playhouse is fully covered to give some protection from the summer sun.
  • While fully covered, the playhouse also has multiple windows and a very open layout which allows for plenty of airflow.
  • All the eye for detail features noted above, from the molded stone facade and the picnic table for friends, to the working doorbell with six fun sounds, fireplace and tiny kitchen.
  • The addition of the outside picnic area provides additional options for social play with friends.

What I don’t love so much

  • The outside picnic table and included benches, a main design feature of this playhouse, can also make the unit difficult and a bit awkward to move when you need to mow the lawn or just adjust the placement of the playhouse for any reason.
  • The interior of the playhouse is a bit cramped and really not conducive to more than two kids using comfortably. The outside play areas do make up somewhat for the lack of interior space.  Also, children may start to outgrow the playhouse around age three or four depending on their height.

Final Thoughts

I love the Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse. It is legitimately adorable and you would be hard pressed to beat the quality & durability of Little Tikes products.

I love anything with a sweet cottage vibe and this playhouse gives me all the warm feels. I especially appreciate the many opportunities for shared playtime experiences with siblings and friends. Even with the somewhat cramped interior with more than two children playing inside at any one time, there is still ample room for one to two kids to be playing inside, cooking and serving a meal to friends hanging out outside at the picnic table.

All in all, this would be a perfect choice for a family with one or two young toddlers who love the idea of a playhouse with both inside and outside play areas.

Do you have this playhouse or another Little Tikes playhouse?  Please comment below and let me know your thoughts!





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